Bridge Construction Services

We are a team of bridge enthusiasts interested in construction of beautiful bridges. We also believe that for doing beautiful work, we have to be laser focused on our core competencies. As a result, it is essential to say no frequently and do only selective things to maintain the top notch quality in whatever we do. Therefore, all our projects have been bridges and we are determined to stay that way. Instead of focusing on growth and turnover, we are focused on development and sustainability. This has resulted in strong financial health for the company and healthy working environment for team members. In a span of 20 years

The editorial mission of Roads & Bridges is to provide engineers, contractors and government officials with the latest advancements in the road and bridge industry, timely news coverage and important information on products beneficial to the jobsite or office. We specialize and excel in construction projects over bodies of water, or with difficult access, where our experience in constructing work bridges, construction consultant, mettal roofing,house renovation,green bulding,barging in materials and equipment, and solving difficult access problems are a must for the successful completion of the project. YS Construction Group offers a complete range of construction management and design services for turn-key projects. in the successful completion of highly technical projects in a variety of challenging environments ranging from the most densely populated, high traffic zones of the I-5 corridor in north, to the most remote regions of structures located in highly sensitive and treasured habitat and recreational areas. Bridges, rail bridge , highway bridge, specialized foundation work, overlays, project management, and more are part of chetan engineers everyday work.

Our bonding capacity, inventory of construction equipment, and material resources provide us the ability to successfully respond to today’s most demanding jobs